March 13th

As you can see, there are some changes going on here.

The main thing is the addition of a serial story that will be updated weekly on Fridays called Mayfly. Access it from the navigation bar at the top of the page. Currently, since I have to lay out a lot of groundwork the first update for it is incomplete. It will be finished come Monday. The story has really grown in its short time and with the desire to add illustrations I’m finding myself a little overwhelmed to start. So I ask for some patience. All the editing and corrections will probably last well after the final chapter is published.



More details on the changes can be found here:


  • Mayfly needs some format changes for readability. Thus the story will be broken up into various parts so the reader will not have to navigate through huge chucks
  • The inclusion of illustrations will also affect formatting. Currently all images are place holders as I have been working on a unique styling with the pictures for the story.


  • New category Updates. I’ll post updates for the site under this tab. You can select it from the sidebar on the right for quick access regarding changes.
  • I’ll be working to section off some of the sketches as there are over 100 posts averaging 3 images a post. I’ll try to create a page to house the old ones allowing better navigation
  • The sketch book category with be deleted soon as the sketch books will be place some where else on the site


  • I will be merging this place with in order to centralize the content.
  • Most of the content will be carried over. Some of it will be taken down completely.
  • will stay for a while, I am working with Neggie regarding what to do with the space.
  • New sections to house the Shorts and Comics areas will be added
  • Still debating the Kamishibai issue…


That’s about it. I did fool around with a front page but found it took away attention from the sketches.