Basically working to death and slowly losing the use of my right hand…

There’s a lot to explain but for now enjoy a bit of sun and rain:



Here is me singing of you-

The sun is kissing shadows,
The sky starts to glow,
where will these words go?

I write of a face I cannot see,
voices that only sound-off in dreams,
sleeping with nothing but memories.

I’m stuck on this track,
I missed your stop.
The more I live on my own,
the more I watch the world turn monochrome.

I ask again, where do these words go?

So I’m trying,
here is me singing of you,
filling these spaces with words,
and asking where does it all go?

No one has an answer…

So let’s make our own.

Rusting in The Storm

Rusting in The Storm

The Smile On My Face-

The rain came and pick-pocketed your tears.
You were broken and rusting in the storm.
So I came and offered you a smile.

Such heavy eyes for a little girl,
quiet, alone, and forgotten by The World.
Yet you are forever a smile on my face.

I once made peace with the feelings devouring you.
I once accepted that truth.

But it was you who turned these words to blood,
You who pumped my heart with inspiration.
It was you who saved me from the rain that day.

I’ll stand with you and those terrible feelings.
I’ll burn every word till it illuminates your heart.

For every rain drop,
for every beat upon your shoulder,
for every tear…
there’s a reason why I love you.

I might never save The World,
but I sure as hell won’t stop till I save you.

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