July 31


Obviously things have been busy here. I actually landed a teaching  job abroad and have been working hard to get that all lined up. Basically art and the such is taking a back seat again.

I leave in a month so no promises but I do have a few pieces I need to clean up a bit so I can add them.

A lot of changes as usual… Free poem to pass the time:

I awoke this morning without sleep.
The cold caresses my body,
holding me tight and sheltering me.
The cold fills the spaces your hands use to be.
I grasp for air,
I begin to wonder when I forgot how to breathe.

These feelings are overwhelming.
Was everything I knew before… just nothing?
I retrace my thoughts and find that I was so far.
I thought it made sense,
I thought I knew how these things should work,
I thought….
Today I realized that thinking isn’t enough.

These feelings, I know that they have words.
but I begin to wonder what good comes from them.
I spoke them time and again…
So I say them just once more,
silent enough for just her ears to hear…