all away

all away

Washing it...

Washing it…









So she came like a thief through the night,
unpacking me on the table.
Each piece, a shard, a memory.
That evening we feasted on my regrets.

I was weak,
she caught me.

I was a lie,
she told a truth.

I wanted to break,
she said I was unbreakable.

I’m alone,
always alone.
But now I see,
each note that plays inside of me,
everything, it was always me.

I wanted to be saved,
she let me drown.

I wanted to be found,
she let me go

I wanted an excuse,
She gave me a reason.

This ugly stain that has been left on me,
those hands that had no right,
I can’t change it.
I can’t stop what’s been done.

Her smile showed me the sun.
Setting over and over again,
Nothing gets swept away,

But every night she comes like a dream,
leaving me with new memories.
I can’t forget.
I won’t forget.

These words,
they have always been yours.
Your echo has become a roar.