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The Giver

The Dancers

The Robin-er

The Risker


Tried a soft brush for all the coloring. Not a fan…

A Robin’s Glow


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all away

all away

Washing it...

Washing it…









So she came like a thief through the night,
unpacking me on the table.
Each piece, a shard, a memory.
That evening we feasted on my regrets.

I was weak,
she caught me.

I was a lie,
she told a truth.

I wanted to break,
she said I was unbreakable.

I’m alone,
always alone.
But now I see,
each note that plays inside of me,
everything, it was always me.

I wanted to be saved,
she let me drown.

I wanted to be found,
she let me go

I wanted an excuse,
She gave me a reason.

This ugly stain that has been left on me,
those hands that had no right,
I can’t change it.
I can’t stop what’s been done.

Her smile showed me the sun.
Setting over and over again,
Nothing gets swept away,

But every night she comes like a dream,
leaving me with new memories.
I can’t forget.
I won’t forget.

These words,
they have always been yours.
Your echo has become a roar.



I believe in you more than you know.
I’ll continue to sing to you these words,
because you are my smile, my echo.
Let’s love with these tears in our eyes,
let’s fight for something bigger than just a dream.

This is my declaration, my promise to you.

Because, if Art is the cry of loneliness, than love is surely the answer.

A Robin's Bloom

A Robin’s Bloom


Now I just need a way to mix these two styles together…

A Robin...

A Robin…




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Rusty Sky

Rusty Sky

Morning Rose

Morning Rose

A Robin's New Brush

A Robin’s New Brush