A Boy At The Bottom of The Sea




A long time ago, a time before even our humble narrator can remember, there was a boy who fell to the bottom of the sea. Perhaps fell is a rather shy word… He was said to have leapt head first into the waves. Whispers said he was a child of the sea, born in the depths and raised on the shore. His skin was darker than the sand yet his eyes brighter than the water. They called him Rain, as his father was said to be the sky.

Rain was and is eternal. Forever leaping from the sky and into the vast sea, his sharp eyes saw into the blackness as well as he saw the day. His tall frame was thin and moved with ease between the waves and sands. The wind danced with him, The Sun colored him, and The soil cradled him.

Rain was loved. Yet he could never be known, understood, or held. So the people loathe him. He was above and below, all around yet always void. Rain was and is eternal, men are not. Envy is what the other story-tellers will say but our old humble voice here will say it was fear that led the people to hate.

Uncertain of his means and goals the people wished Rain to leave. His home was everywhere, all belonged to Rain. Our hero became a villain, a vile being simply because he was free. All belonged to Rain yet he ruled none. All was above and below Rain yet none would ever rule him.

So the people, who will say now that their deed was oh so villainous, used the one thing Rain had always wanted; a partner, a lover, a friend, a shadow. The people sent to the shore a young girl whose dark hair wrapped in tendrils around her head. She was beautiful yet beauty was one of her lesser qualities. She was agile, fearless, wise, enduring, and kind. If Rain was The Sun then she was certainly his moon. Serene was her name.

Serene was a gift Rain often thought; a treasure.. She was like the countless gems he buried deep beneath the waves. Yet Rain was mistaken, Serene was an illusion, a perfect image that was made to reflect on his wake. Serene was the daughter of beasts, a princess of shadows and lies. The people bartered with spirits in order to rid themselves of Rain.

Serene was to trick Rain to bury himself at the bottom of the sea. If she succeeded she would be given a daughter for every generation to pass her shadow to. Serene lured Rain to a cliff and asked him why he lives above the water.

“To see my father the sky, to hear the beasts howl, to watch the fires dance at night, to grieve the death of men, I am here because I wish to love all,” Rain said in a clear honest voice.

Serene was quiet. Her soul belonged to beasts yet her body was flesh and tender like a woman. She could feel his warmth standing next to her. Rain was beautiful… He was always beautiful yet at that moment even to a daughter of beasts he was proud and brilliant.

“I saw be your shadow if you vow to be my light. We shall dance eternally yet not on this night. If you sleep and dream of tomorrows I shall come for you, to love you, to sing to you, to be you. I am bound to both men and beasts yet there shall be a day when I belong to none.

“On that day I shall find you. We will give ourselves to each other, we will rule only our hearts, and we will have but one name, one soul, one thought…” Serene spoke unable to look at Rain as his beauty radiated with each word she said to him.

“Take these stones and fall, return to your mother’s womb, close your eyes and dream only of me. As you sleep your father will mourn, but soon grow in anger. He will turn on the people burning them and their land. Your mother will rage and turn the seas casting her wraith on those who betrayed you.

“I will shed my skin and name. I will turn my bones until they resemble no beast, I will learn songs to sing for your return, I will love you and send to you only sweet dreams.”

Rain knelt before Serene and kissed her waist, “You may shed your skin but never this mark. A symbol of our promise, a rune written with my love.”

Rain stood and filled his pockets with stones. He did not look back, he did not pause or question Serene’s word. He leapt into the sea and fell into a great slumber.


Time washed away on the shore as the sky turned the soil into desert. The sea receded hiding herself far from the people. Rain was absent from the land, and its people soon mourned their lost. Before our narrator’s time, before that of even four of his elders, our story did began. Three centuries had turned and it appeared Serene’s words were as wicked as her savage heart.

Many who speak of Rain and his return do so from legend. Yet our well-traveled narrator was there the day he returned. The sky was grey and calm. The sea was still, untouched like a smooth fabric. On the shore our narrator stood, his body aged and tired from his journey. That day he had met a girl who knew an endless list of songs, Kachia was her name.

Kachia was beautiful, her features dark, her eyes quiet and slanted. Kachia told our narrator that she was going to the water to meet an old friend. Never one to avoid the company of a beautiful girl, our narrator accompanied Kachia on her trip.

The shore was bare that day. Our narrator grew dismayed as Kachia’s friend was no where in sight. She turned and smile, it was in that moment that our narrator noticed that Kachia had no shadow, and Kachia ran into the sea. Her dark hair flowed freely like tendrils on the waves.

If it was not for our narrator’s mother, who forced him to read all sorts of strange tales, he would have left the shore that day; confused and bewildered by another beautiful girl on his travels. Yet our narrator much like you was informed of Rain and his legend. The girl who had shed her skin and became a shadow itself, the sky and sea both in waiting… Rain was to finally return to our land.

Many will say that our narrator’s story isn’t true. For he never did see Kachia or Rain return from the water. He was not there as she swam to the bottom of the sea and picked Rain’s pocket. He could not see beyond the waves how Rain’s eyes found his mark on her skin. No, our narrator is but a simple man, such treasures are not for his or any of our mortal eyes.

However, the sky wept, sending its tears to meet the sea. The water turned and smiled with numerous crests on the shore. Rain had returned and he was now joined by his shadow. As promised she sung for her love. Her songs were roars of thunder and quiet melodies beating on the earth.

If you still do not believe this tale, if you call our narrator a fool, please take notice to the sky. As its shadow comes you now know her name, Serene. She sings of Rain’s love and embrace, a sign of his return. From the sky he leaps, falling eternally into the sea, only to be risen again and again by his love.

Close your eyes as you watch Rain fall from his shadow, listen closely, as you can hear Serene sing. The songs are infinite yet tell the same theme; her words sometimes soft, sometimes a howl…


            He is I and I am him. We have no form for we are all and nothing. His name is mine as I have never owned such a thing. My love, my love, enduring and proud, how you are beautiful, how you are sad. We are one. We are the bond of Heaven and Earth. We are love. Let us sing forever for time has granted its blessing and we shall have eternity.



            Remember these following words, as they are proof of this tale, for they were the last words our narrator heard from dear Kachia:


Rain was and is eternal.